Carmel is a life of allegiance to Jesus Christ.  We are called to be “another humanity in which He can renew His mysteries,” and to give ourselves totally to the work of bringing about the reign of God on earth.

  Carmel is all Mary’s.  We take Our Lady as our model, and strive to live a simple, hidden life.  Like her we long for the promised redemption of all creation, and believe that this prayerful longing will help to bring it about.  In union with Mary in the cenacle, we support the active apostolate with our faith and prayer.

  Carmel is a prophetic vocation.  Our life of constant prayer witnesses to the reality of God in the spirit of the prophet Elijah: “The Lord God lives in whose presence I stand.”

  As daughters of St. Teresa whose last words were “I am a daughter of the Church,” we carry within our hearts the needs of the Church, and pray especially for our priests, and indeed for all the people of God.

  We wear the brown habit in continuity with the tradition of Carmel, for the sake of poverty and simplicity, and to bear witness to our commitment to discipleship, and to the service of God’s people through a life dedicated to prayer.