Summer 2016


June 2016

Dear Friends,
The balmy days of late spring/early summer have at last come to the Northeast Kingdom. Our two ducks, Daisy and Doodles have been enjoying the full acre of our pond and are  noisily chasing off the poor wild ducks who try to share it with them.  Daisy has been laying lots of eggs out on the little island but doesn’t seem to know she needs to incubate them.  Most of them seem to have fallen off into the pond.  She certainly doesn’t show any sign of sharing them with us either.  We still hope that there might be some ducklings in the future.  Meanwhile we are trying to be more regular about fishing since we have many trout getting to be a good size out there.
Thanks to several kind benefactors, a long time hope of ours has been realized in our new green house. Although it would seem impossible given our sub zero winters, the result of much research and sharing with our NEK neighbors who do the “impossible” has encouraged us to plan on using the greenhouse to grow our own leafy vegetables all through the winter. This will help both nutrition and our bank account as food costs continue to rise and we learn more and more about problems with processed foods.
In the last couple of months we have been in communication with a parish in southern Louisiana to provide them with some new vestments.  They were hard hit by Katrina and other serious weather problems and rebuilding takes large bites out of small finances.  It is a joy to be able to provide some beauty to the liturgy for our brothers and sisters who have suffered so much.
We have been following with concern the developments in the political arena, as you most likely have also.  Our culture is changing rapidly and we feel the urgency for prayer in so many areas of life issues and other challenges to religious liberty.  Both within and outside the Church, there is always much to bring to the Holy Spirit in trusting prayer.
Our wonderful brothers, the Knights of Columbus are once more coming soon to continue finishing work on our new wing.  Their last project was the ceilings in the kitchenette and hallway of the first floor.  This leaves only two rooms on that floor unfinished.  Soon they will be bringing their crew back again to put in the ceilings in the last two rooms and finish the walls.
Divine Providence has provided for all of our needs in this little monastery in Lowell during the years since we came to Vermont.  It is you, God’s good friends who have been the instruments of His care for us in all that has been accomplished during these years.  The only way we can ever repay all your faith-filled generosity is by striving every day to be true daughters of Saint Teresa who expects her daughters to give themselves whole heartedly to prayer and self sacrifice for the Church.  In these challenging times when martyrs are giving their lives again for the faith, we all need to stir up our fervor for God’s Kingdom.
As we approach the great feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we ask you to join us in honoring Our Blessed Mother during this year of Divine Mercy. In his encyclical, “The Splendor of Truth” St John Paul II said ,”Mary is mother of mercy because her son, Jesus Christ, was sent by the Father as the revelation of God’s mercy…and the greatest Mercy of all is found in his being in our midst…Mary experiences in perfect docility to the Spirit the richness and universality of God’s love which opens her heart and enables it to embrace the entire human race. Thus Mary becomes Mother of each and every one of us, the Mother who obtains for us divine mercy.”
We hold each of you and all your needs and intentions in our prayer during our novena, you who have been so generous to us in supporting our Carmelite way of life.