† Our Story

  The establishment of a Carmelite contemplative presence in the northeastern corner of Vermont began with the invitation of Bishop Angell and the permission of our Superior General in Rome.


  The hand of God has been very evident in all that has happened since beginning here.  Everything needed was provided by Divine Providence through God’s good friends.  As time went on, suitable temporary living spaces were provided until we were able to purchase property which would become a permanent home for a cloistered community living simply and close to the land.


  Our discernment of God’s plan was to establish a small community in modest surroundings in a rural area where we could be as self-sufficient as possible.  We sustain ourselves on the produce of our land including a one acre trout pond.  The country location and surrounding forests and farms provide a natural setting for our life of prayer, which is both quietly private and beautiful.  The spinning and weaving for our Maryweave vestments and the writing of traditional icons also expresses well the spirit of fine hand-crafted arts which many Vermonters practice during our       long winter solitudes.


  In 2012, with the gift of a generous benefactor, we had the great joy of being able at last to build a lovely chapel and choir which provides an honorable setting for our liturgical celebrations.  Our community now has a setting in which we can follow our mission to pass on to a new generation of young women, the beauty and spiritual fruitfulness of our Carmelite charism.