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Feast of Saint Therese 2016


St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face

St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face


Dear Friends,

This October, 2016 is a month when our Carmelite Order will have the great joy of celebrating the canonization of one more of our Carmelite Nuns. Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity was a contemporary of Saint Therese of Lisieux. Elizabeth Catez spent her religious life in the Carmel of Dijon France and like Therese, died very young and in great holiness. Her special devotion and message is the indwelling of the Holy Trinity in each soul. She will be proclaimed a saint on October 17 two days after the feast of Our Holy Mother, St. Teresa of Jesus.
This year we will not be having a public Mass with blessing of the roses on Saint Therese’s feast, but we hope to resume the custom next year. We will, however, have the spiritual novena in preparation, and we invite you to send us any special intentions you may wish to entrust to Saint Therese’s powerful intercession.

Therese was proclaimed “the greatest saint of modern times”. One might be tempted to ask why she should be given such high praise. She died very young after only a few years in Carmel and appeared to be quite ordinary. Her own sisters in Carmel said when she was dying, “what will we find to say about her?” Since her death, hundreds of thousands of pages have been written about this obscure young woman.
The secret of her importance to the universal Church lies in her understanding and living out of the absolute necessity of “spiritual childhood” in the work of salvation. Jesus said, “unless you turn and become like little children, you shall not enter the Kingdom of God”. Many find this to be a puzzling and much misunderstood pronouncement, but understanding it rightly is essential for every Christian who wants to be a citizen of heaven. Paradoxically, the living of spiritual childhood is the very height of Christian maturity.

In our time in history, the age of secular humanism, the human race has made a declaration of independence from God. The original sin and the mistake which we have all inherited is that we want to set ourselves up independently and be our own god. Every problem facing the world springs from this basic refusal to accept the fact that we are created beings, dependent upon a Creator Who, having made us, knows what will fulfill our nature and bring us the happiness we all desire. Spiritual childhood, simply stated is the acceptance with joy of the truth that everything we are and have is gifted to us by our loving God. The greatest gift which each human being has been given is his or her unique, eternal personhood which is a share in the very life of the Most Blessed Trinity.

May our two young Carmelite saints, Therese and Elizabeth, obtain for each of you, not only the special blessings you ask for in this novena, but above all, whatever graces you may need to become ever more deeply the faith-filled, trusting child of God which you were created to be.

Summer 2016


June 2016

Dear Friends,
The balmy days of late spring/early summer have at last come to the Northeast Kingdom. Our two ducks, Daisy and Doodles have been enjoying the full acre of our pond and are  noisily chasing off the poor wild ducks who try to share it with them.  Daisy has been laying lots of eggs out on the little island but doesn’t seem to know she needs to incubate them.  Most of them seem to have fallen off into the pond.  She certainly doesn’t show any sign of sharing them with us either.  We still hope that there might be some ducklings in the future.  Meanwhile we are trying to be more regular about fishing since we have many trout getting to be a good size out there.
Thanks to several kind benefactors, a long time hope of ours has been realized in our new green house. Although it would seem impossible given our sub zero winters, the result of much research and sharing with our NEK neighbors who do the “impossible” has encouraged us to plan on using the greenhouse to grow our own leafy vegetables all through the winter. This will help both nutrition and our bank account as food costs continue to rise and we learn more and more about problems with processed foods.
In the last couple of months we have been in communication with a parish in southern Louisiana to provide them with some new vestments.  They were hard hit by Katrina and other serious weather problems and rebuilding takes large bites out of small finances.  It is a joy to be able to provide some beauty to the liturgy for our brothers and sisters who have suffered so much.
We have been following with concern the developments in the political arena, as you most likely have also.  Our culture is changing rapidly and we feel the urgency for prayer in so many areas of life issues and other challenges to religious liberty.  Both within and outside the Church, there is always much to bring to the Holy Spirit in trusting prayer.
Our wonderful brothers, the Knights of Columbus are once more coming soon to continue finishing work on our new wing.  Their last project was the ceilings in the kitchenette and hallway of the first floor.  This leaves only two rooms on that floor unfinished.  Soon they will be bringing their crew back again to put in the ceilings in the last two rooms and finish the walls.
Divine Providence has provided for all of our needs in this little monastery in Lowell during the years since we came to Vermont.  It is you, God’s good friends who have been the instruments of His care for us in all that has been accomplished during these years.  The only way we can ever repay all your faith-filled generosity is by striving every day to be true daughters of Saint Teresa who expects her daughters to give themselves whole heartedly to prayer and self sacrifice for the Church.  In these challenging times when martyrs are giving their lives again for the faith, we all need to stir up our fervor for God’s Kingdom.
As we approach the great feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we ask you to join us in honoring Our Blessed Mother during this year of Divine Mercy. In his encyclical, “The Splendor of Truth” St John Paul II said ,”Mary is mother of mercy because her son, Jesus Christ, was sent by the Father as the revelation of God’s mercy…and the greatest Mercy of all is found in his being in our midst…Mary experiences in perfect docility to the Spirit the richness and universality of God’s love which opens her heart and enables it to embrace the entire human race. Thus Mary becomes Mother of each and every one of us, the Mother who obtains for us divine mercy.”
We hold each of you and all your needs and intentions in our prayer during our novena, you who have been so generous to us in supporting our Carmelite way of life.

Autumn 2015 events

hpqscan0005October 1

Feast of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face


We will celebrate the feast of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face with a Solemn Mass and Blessing of the Roses at 2:00 pm followed by light refreshments in the Father Philip LaMothe Reception Room. Please unite with us in prayer on this special day.

Our good friend, Msgr. Richard G. Lavalley, pastor of St. Francis Xavier parish in Winooski, Vermont, will be our principal celebrant.

As many of you may know, Monsignor Lavalley is a dynamic homilist and a Carmelite at heart and in spirit. He has known Carmel since his childhood when he served as an altar boy at Vermont’s original Carmel in Williston.

He is an especially “good friend” of Little Therese with whom he has journeyed throughout his life and who has inspired him to serve God’s people in simplicity and joy.

Please be assured of our prayer for you and your intentions during our novena to Saint Therese from September 23 to October 1 and at the Holy Mass in her honor.

If you wish, you may send us your novena intentions via our prayer request page on this website.


Novena to Saint Therese

O Saint Therese of the Child jesus, who during your brief life on earth allowed no moment to pass without scatering before the Lord flowers of love and sacrifice, now that you stand before His Face, pray for us!

Teach us your “little way” of trust and abandonment to the merciful love of God which led you so quickly and surely to Him, that it may be for us alsothe road of sanctification.

O Little Flower of Jesus, you who consoled the heart of Jesusby your humble and confident love, pray that we too mayforget ourselves before the urgent needs of those you place upon our path.

Saint Therese, obtain for us the favor we confidently implore through your intercession; let fall upon us your promised shower of roses.Ask jessu to gather us all into the embrace of His own Divine Love that we may one day join you in praising the Divine Mercy forever. Amen.

October is a special month for us!

–2015 marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Saint Teresa of Avila, first woman Doctor of the Church and foundress of the Discalced Carmelites. Her feast is on October 15.

–On October 18 the Blesseds Louis and Zelie Martin, parents of Saint Therese, will be canonized, the first spouses with children in the history of the Church to be canonized as a couple. (You will be happy to know that another honor has come upon the holy Martin family: On July 2 the diocesan process was opened to inquire into the beatification of Leonie Martin, (Sister Francoise Therese) one of Saint Therese’s older sisters.)





Eucharistic liturgy

You are welcome to join us for Eucharistic liturgy.

  • Sunday and Wednesday, 9:00 AM
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